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Engineering Expertise 

A country's cumulative level of engineering knowledge. It relates to the quality of engineering, the competitiveness of a country's technology on an international scale, and its contribution to engineering research.

This is measured on an absolute, rather than per capita basis, to reflect the significance of quantity of research and invention on a country's influence.

Engineering Potential 

The potential a country has to carry out engineering, measured in terms of its number of trained engineers and the availability of training and education facilities to prospective engineers.

This is measured on a per capita basis, to reflect the potential of each individual within a country, for engineering.


Engineering Status

The priority a country affords to engineering compared to other disciplines. This is measured in terms of the number of university graduates, the number of researchers  and the amount of research spending.

Engineering Sustainability 

This factor reflects the sustainability and long-term stability of a country's engineering sector. A more sustainable sector has more diversity in its training and expertise, and is forward-looking in its approach to renewable energy.

Enabling Environment

The necessary background factors, in terms of transport and communication connectivity, ease and security of doing business, that allow engineering to flourish in a country. This relates to the facilitation of engineering rather than engineering itself and thus receives a lower weighting in the total score.

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